From bestselling author Kate Bonham comes another heart racing dark mafia romance. 

Deny Thy Name is a dark mafia star cross’d lovers retelling. 

Two houses, both alike but by name, 

In a split city named Verona, where this story takes place. 

From old feuds long since forgotten breaks new war, 

Where harmony is disrupted and sends a city into disrepair. 

From these two warring houses

A pair of star cross’d lovers will find each other. 

Their selfish misdeeds do plunge their families 

Into further strife with a wearied sheriff hellbent on justice.

Will their final act be forgotten or shall they live on 

Free to deny their name and be together. 

Will their stars be rewritten,

And their love sealed forever more or shall they burn along with their beloved Verona? 

A dark mafia retelling of Romeo & Juliet. 

Please note there are dark themes in this book and some scenes may be triggering. 


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