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Travis Wyatt

All I’ve ever wanted was to go to college and get out of Kensley.That small town is all I’ve ever known. I want to be free to be myself, not stifled by small minds in the football-loving town where I grew up.

And then I blew my one and only chance.

So now, I’m just stuck. Stuck in small-town life, with the same small-town people I’ve always known. Stuck where I don’t want to be. Constantly on the defense and hiding secrets about myself. To never be the real me.

I’m lost, and I’m angry. But those people I was desperate to get away from, they don’t stop. They insist on showing me that maybe it’s not about my location.

That maybe I can be free right where I am.

Oakley Easton

Travis is way too uptight. I don’t know why. He has everything a guy could want—a steady job and friends who would do anything for him. A great simple, small-town life. But I guess that’s not what he wants.

He’s always been different. Better. Smarter. Stronger.

Still, I find myself wanting to show him everything he’s dreamed of is within his grasp. That he doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. That he can be himself wherever he is, and I’ll back him up.

Because that’s what I’m good at—on and off the field. I’ll always be his defender.

If he’d only let me.

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