Sure Shot by Kat Mizera releases on April 18th!

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Welcome to Fort Lauderdale… where the days are hot and the Knights are hotter!


I gave up everything for hockey… even my chance at love. But relocating to Florida to be the starting goalie for the Lauderdale Knights was still the best decision I’d ever made. I had everything… except someone to share it with.

As the league’s Most Valuable Player, I had my choice of women, but there was something about the cute new girl my cleaning service sent over. She could be the one… until she disappears from my life and I see her on the news.


Nothing could have prepared me for winning the lottery. One minute I was scrubbing a sexy stranger’s toilet, the next I was on the arm of a European billionaire. In over my head, the sweet and sexy professional athlete whose apartment I used to clean helps me realize there’s a lot more to life than money.

We have nothing in common… other than our undeniable attraction. He might be used to the spotlight but the last thing I want is to drag him into the circus my life has become.

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