The Dirty Daddies 2023 Spring Anthology is now live!!!



This is no April Fool’s Day joke!
Some of your favorite Dirty Daddy authors are teaming up to bring you a spring fling of steamy hot and light-hearted Dirty Daddies stories.

Scrub Daddy by Kara Kelley – If Mr. Clean was helping naughty little girls shine up their act.
1-800-Dial-A-Daddy by Lizzie Day – Dial 1-800-Daddy to make a connection.
Seismic Daddy by EJ Frost – A Daddy who knows just how to make his little quake.
Goose Daddy by Kessily Lewel – That’s one mean Daddy =P
Demon Daddy by J.D. Amore – A Daddy so bad he’ll make you feel like you’re in heaven.
Appliance Daddy by Raisa Greywood – He’ll make sure you’re cooking with gas.
Tentacle Daddy by M.A. Innes – This Daddy Dom is a sucker for his baby boy.
Belt Daddy by Shane Starrett – He’s going to take his angel in hand until she learns to watch her mouth stop using puns (sadly for him, that will never happen).
Cheese Daddy by Golden Angel – It’s not easy being this cheesy.
Virgin Daddy by Stella Moore – No Daddy can possibly be ready for this princess’ demands.
Demolition Daddy by Kelly Dawson – He’s going to break down the walls of her emotions and renovate her heart.
Hover Daddy by Layne Daniels – It’s not a leash, it’s a safety tether!
Plumber Daddy by Ellie Rose – Let Daddy clean your pipes.
WereBear Daddy by S. Cinders – Fast, furious, and furry.
Prepper Daddy by Sue Lyndon – What happens in Daddy’s bunker, stays in Daddy’s bunker.
Lumber Daddy by Chloe Kent – That’s not wood in his pocket … or is it?
Curling Daddy by Stella Shelton – Looking for the perfect little girl to warm his ice cold heart.
Cotton Candy Daddy by Aster Rae – This Daddy is so sweet, he’ll give you cavities.
Accountant Daddy by Rogue London – You can count on him.
Sparkle Daddy by Maren Smith – The only person he’ll sparkle for is his baby girl.
Chess Daddy by Emily Tilton – This Daddy is going to use a gambit to checkmate his Queen.

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