Second Time Lucky by Maddie Taylor is now live everywhere!



Mara Westbrook knows precisely what it’s like to have no one to rely on. It’s one of the many life experiences that makes her such a wonderful nurse. Tending to the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center gives her purpose, and one very irresistible patient constantly reminds her that someday, when she’s finally made peace with her past, she wants nothing more than to experience real love.

The only light in Master Sergeant Sean O’Brien’s dark days is his night nurse, Mara. Her humor, tender smiles, and endless kindness ease the pain of his wounds, and the sight of her shapely form in scrubs helps him appreciate that he survived the gruesome realities of combat.

As they begin to let each other in, the sparks between them quickly ignite. But the past is never far behind, and evil men are intent on catching up with Mara. Hopelessly caught in a wicked web of deceit with her happiness on the line, she makes an unthinkable choice. Yet no matter how far she runs, there is no escape from her shameful secrets or the danger bearing down on her.

Fate intervenes and forces Mara to trust Sean and the Rossi Security team for protection if she intends to survive. As Sean learns the shocking truth about Mara’s past and discovers she is the key to bringing down the Mendoza cartel once and for all, he’s faced with a choice of his own. Can he forgive Mara’s betrayal and give their once-in-a-lifetime love the second chance it deserves?

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