Hunter’s Revenge by Faith Summers 

Series: Savage Legacy Book 3

A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance

Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited


My monster. My hunter. My husband.

It all started with a chance meeting in a bar that was almost normal.

I was drowning my sorrows, and he was the deadly handsome mysterious stranger who walked in.

He had that dangerous air about him I was always warned to stay away from, yet like a moth to a flame I was captivated by his charm.

All it took was one touch and I couldn’t resist.

When I’m with him he consumes me and our passion is enthralling.

Little did I know that behind Malik Volkova’s fairytale prince smile lurks a monster.

A monster who belongs to the Knights, a notorious secret society.

And we only met because he was actually hunting me.

By the time I find out who he really is, it’s too late, and he unearthed my biggest secret.

Out for revenge on the cartel he forces me into a twisted arrangement for my hand in marriage.

But our union drags me into a war and deeper into his obsession.

Soon it becomes clear there’s something he wants more than revenge—me.

But I’m not sure if he’ll be my destruction or my savior.

Hunter’s Revenge is a dark mafia enemies-to-lovers arranged marriage romance, which is book 3 of the Savage Legacy series.

* In The Savage Legacy Series *

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