Brendan : Boys of Djinn MC 

Book 6

By Rae B. Lake

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“My sweet Candy, I want to know how you taste on my tongue.”


I don’t trust anyone and for good reason. Being drugged and manipulated makes letting people get close to you hard.

Out of everyone I trust Candace the least. She’s one of them. I hate her, and the feeling is mutual.

It’s just my fucking luck that I run into her when she’s in the middle of an undercover case going wrong. Alone with no back up, she turns to me to be her superman.

I wasn’t expecting to like it.

Like watching her squirm and pant with need.

Hate turns to lust and lust to something more.

When a faceless enemy threatens us, will I be able to save her before it’s too late?


Brendan Djinn gets on my fucking nerves. Combative, grumpy and excessively paranoid, I never thought it’d be him to save me.

Turns out we have more in common than I thought.

Fiery arguments turn into steamy sex and before I know it I’m submitting to him in ways I never thought I would.

It’s Brendan I turn to when my career crumbles and when a stalker picks me as his next target.

Trust doesn’t come easy for him. When my dark past collides with his dangerous world I’ll have to prove where my loyalties lie or risk losing him forever.

*** Brendan is a Dark MC Romance. It can be read as a standalone but it is part of an interconnected series, I recommend reading Devin’s story before this one for character information. Please note this story will take you on an emotional, dark steamy, romantic ride so be prepared! Read the Disclaimer for more info on triggers!***

About the Author

Rae is a dark romance author She writes gritty bad boys and strong heroines. All her characters are flawed in some way but have redeeming qualities. Can you say sexy ASF! 

She enjoys binge reading stories that make her gasp and writing stories that make people do the same. 

She is a jack of many trades and queen of her own little universe. 

She’s has two little ones, and one fur baby named Scar.

She’s an optimist for others and a cynic for herself.

You can catch her daydreaming most days and writing all the others!

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“I can’t deny you’ve had a bad day, but I’m hoping I can help you have a better night.” I whisper against the top of her head.

She stiffens for a second before I feel her smile against my chest. “You think I’m going to let you get lucky tonight? Bold.”

“I love how you think you’re going to play hard to get. Like I don’t know every spot on your body that drives you wild.” I put my hand under her chin and push up so she’s looking at me.

“You know I’m trained in the art of deception. Are you so sure you know every spot?” She taunts me.

A loud thud echoes in my brain.

She’s thrown the gauntlet down. I’m only too happy to pick it up.

“Challenge accepted, sweet girl.”

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