Master Calabrea: Dark Vampire Romance (Masters of the Consulate Book 6) By International Best-Selling Author Sylvia Black.



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A master vampire with a mission to hunt. A psychic who finds trouble wherever she goes. When their flames ignite, will love survive the differences in their worlds?

Master Calabrea has been tasked with leading the hunt for Isala, an evil enemy of the vampire community. Time is of the essence, and he is running against the clock.

 He knows the territory and everyone in it. The job should be easy—learn what he can and follow the trail of the wolf packs and syndicate.

 Simple enough in theory…

But plans are disrupted when he’s ordered to partner with a red-haired vixen rumored to have psychic visions and magical powers.

Tansia will do whatever it takes to help the vampire community. She is determined to find the traitorous vampires, witches, and shifters whose only mission is to drive a stake through the hearts of the purebloods and bury them in the ground.

 Even if it means taking things into her own hands against the orders of the stern and powerful vampire who sends shivers of desire along the length of her spine.

 When brutally attacked and faced with death or immortality, will they choose each other and life as they know it in the savage underworld where even the syndicate wants them dead?

Master Calabrea is the explosive sixth book in the Masters of the Consulate collection by Sylvia Black. It is a deliciously dark, fated mates, enemies to lovers, vampire mafia romance. You will love these novels where the passion is fiery, the loyalty is fierce, and the stakes are high. Each book in this collection is a stand-alone, with different characters and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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