A Texan’s Touch by Cynthia D’Alba releases on March 7th!

A Military Veteran Cowboy Romance


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Army Major Dax Cooper always assumed he’d die on the battlefield. In his opinion, that would be better than all the blind dates his mother keeps trying to set up for him. He’s not looking for love and besides, what woman could love a guy with an artificial leg?

Child Psychologist Cori Bell Lambert has no difficulty identifying the issues her patients are dealing with. When it comes to her own life, however, she can’t seem to get her footing. Following her stunningly beautiful older sister through life is one of fate’s cruel jokes. And worse, her mother has decided it’s time for Cori to find love and she’s determined to help, even to the point to setting up blind dates for Cori.

Two reluctant people guilted on a blind date by their mothers cannot have a future, right?

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