Title: King Of The Reunion

Series: Short Kings 

Author: Rose Bak

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Twenty-five years ago their friendship ended over a misunderstanding. Now that they’ve found each other again, they both want more than friendship. But can they forget their painful past?

In high school, curvy girl Lainie Halverson had a crush on her super-hot best friend Mark Barone, but she was too insecure to do anything about it. When Mark invited her to the prom, she assumed it was a just pity invite. Little did she know her refusal would lead to an ugly fight and the end of their friendship.

When Mark Barone runs into his old friend Lainie at their high school reunion, he realizes that he made a terrible mistake all those years ago. He’d always assumed that she turned down his prom invitation because she was embarrassed about his short stature. Now that he knows the truth, the billionaire real estate tycoon is pulling out all the stops to get a second chance with his first love.

He’s got three weeks to prove to her that they can be more than friends. He might be the king of the reunion, but his real goal is to be the king of Lainie’s heart.

“King of the Reunion” is a slow burn, second chance midlife romance that includes matchmaking friends, an overly vocal cat, and a sweet happily ever.

Kick-off 2023 with a short slice of heaven.

Your favorite instalove romance authors have come together to bring you a fun-sized selection of mafia men, billionaires, best friends, enemies, and more. Whether you like your short kings dangerous or sweet, these men will show you that height doesn’t have to get in the way of true love.

Short Kings: proving you don’t have to be tall to have it all.



Rose Bak has been obsessed with books since she got her first library card at age five. She is a passionate reader with an e-reader bursting with thousands of beloved books.

Although Rose enjoys writing both fiction and nonfiction, romance novels have always been her favorite guilty pleasure, both as a reader and an author. Rose’s contemporary romance books focus on strong female characters over age 35 and the alpha males who love them. Expect a lot of steam, a little bit of snark, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Rose lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family, and special needs dogs. In addition to writing, she also teaches accessible yoga and loves music. Sadly, she has absolutely no musical talent so she mostly sings in the shower.


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