Wild Irish Boxset by Vi Carter

Link: https://www.authorvicarter.com/books/the-wild-irish-series/wild-irish-boxset

Wild Irish The Complete Series

Enemies to Lovers
Irish Mafia Romance
Captive Romance
Forbidden Romance

Book One: Vicious
Killing for me is easy. Loving is an entirely different thing.

Book Two: Reckless
She owns the land that I need… to hide bodies.

Book Three: Ruthless
She was only supposed to be a job, but now I can’t seem to walk away.

Book Four: Fearless
He’s rich, egotistical and a womanizer. She’s angry dark and sarcastic. What could possibly go wrong?

Book Five: Heartless
She’s a Virgin and my prisoner. There is only one rule – I’m not allowed to touch her…

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