The Wrong Gift by Emi Leon is LIVE! 

A Scrooge of a boss gets more than the wrong Christmas gift when he fires his full-of-sunshine temp…

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After I accidentally post confidential info on my social media, I give my coworkers presents to save my job. That doesn’t stop my grumpy boss from firing me. VP of Marketing, Ashton Lowe, belongs on the naughty list, but I still give the sexy, broody guy his present. Too bad it’s the one meant for my bestie.

When news of my firing goes viral, ’tis the season for damage control. Now I’m stuck with Ashton as we try to repair the company’s tarnished image before a new product launch. We’re complete opposites, but our attraction grows in ways HR would hate. It’s difficult to keep our distance in a studio apartment…with only one bed.

Maybe it won’t be such a blue Christmas after all.

The Wrong Gift is a steamy holiday rom-com, featuring a grouchy boss who hates Christmas, a well-intentioned temp who wants to believe Santa exists, and an adorable silver glider named Buttercup who falls head over heels for the grumpy Scrooge.

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