😍😍 Effortless by Jennifer Van Wyk is LIVE! 😍😍

After months of waiting, Cash & Hadley’s story is AVAILABLE TO READ!

She’s a single mom escaping the heiress life. He’s a blue-collar guy. They spent one night together a lifetime ago and neither one of them have ever forgotten. 

Who knew a cancelled flight would turn out to be the best night of my life?

He didn’t know what my life was like before he offered me a seat at his table.

I don’t know how, but he could see I was crumbling inside.

I had become an expert at hiding my true feelings and life’s desires but with Cash, he saw through the mask I had grown accustomed to wearing.

That night with him was the first time I was able to be myself. He listened to me.

For the first time in my life, I felt free, wanted, and cherished. But more than that, I felt seen.

Our time together was effortless but unforgettable.

But the night came to an end too soon.

The first time I saw her I could see a sadness in her eyes. As the night went on, the sadness lifted and I found myself doing anything I could to make it disappear.

But the night we spent in each other’s arms wasn’t enough. I needed more with her. Not just her body, her heart and mind.

For the past sixteen years I’ve dreamt of her, compared everyone else I meet to her, and longed for just one more night with her.

Then she walked into my small town and changed my life forever.

Now I can only hope her accepting my love comes as effortless as loving her.

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