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When I save the life of an enemy demon prince, I never expect him to claim me…

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I’m a human healer, who’s trapped in the underworld by a rebel cult. After I see the sinfully sexy Demon of Earth being wounded in battle, I defy my captors to break the spell that’s sent the prince into a deep sleep.

He’s…gorgeous. But he’s also a dark sorcerer and a winged panther shifter.

Every moment that I’m with the cocky playboy prince, I’m in danger. Yet it turns out that I’m his fated mate. Terrified, I reject our bond because my cult will kill us both. But the prince offers me a deal: if I stay with him in his enchanted citadel for a week, then he’ll protect me forever.

It’s hard to push away the wickedly handsome demon, when all I want to do is grab him by the horns and claim him. But I have a secret that’s even more dangerous than the war that rages around us and it could tear us apart.

My Demon of Earth is a full-length standalone demon romance by USA Today bestselling author Rosemary A Johns, whose heroine’s life is turned upside down by a possessive prince.

If you like sexy, powerful heroes, thrilling adventure, and steamy romance, then you’ll love this series. Guaranteed no cheating and a happily ever after for each couple!

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