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Every time I check social media, I wonder if this is the time. The time he’s not between his moms, but standing next to some guy who better know how fucking lucky he is to have my man. Some guy who, given the track record in this family, will undoubtedly be in complete and utter love with Baylor and vice versa. Just like all his brothers.

Then Baylor Mann sends me one of the last songs he’s going to write for me.

He sang it for me himself.

He knows I can’t pass on it.

It’s too personal, too real for anyone’s voice to touch it but mine.

It was made for me. Just like Baylor Mann himself.


Caswell Vaughn is the superstar music man the world knows, but his words are mine. For years I have poured myself into the lyrics I write for him, but he doesn’t know all those lost love songs are about him. When an opportunity to collaborate brings Caswell back to Bear Valley, I finally have the chance to get closure and move on from him. Maybe, after all this time, there is enough of my heart to salvage for the day someone else is able to catch my attention. But when Cas is back in my life, staying in my house, closure from my feelings is the last thing on my mind.


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