Title: Cascade Duck 

Series: Global Outlaws Syndicate World

Author: L.D. Wosar 

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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One would think being the daughter of an all-powerful demon would be awesome. Right? I thought so until recently.

My father, Armand Cascade aka Horns, was president of the Red Skulls MC. It’s members were all soulless demons whose only lot in life was to siphon souls from other MCs.

Over time my father became the king of demons and relied on me to lure in victims. It was an honor for me until I was assigned to the Lost Lark MC and fell in love with a human, Mykel ‘Kaniac’ Kane.

Will I defy my father and face the consequences by leaving this MC be?

Or will I remain loyal to my father and my lineage and take the souls of those good men?

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LD Wosar is a best-selling multi-genre author, but writes predominantly PNR. She lives in Las Vegas where she soaks up the sun in the blistering heat…not really. She prefers to stay indoors and write….write…write, while listening to her vast collection of vinyl records.


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