Title: Devil In The Dark
Series: Halloween Party – AB Shared Worlds
Author: Tamrin Banks
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday Fiction

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Brandy Austin:
I promised my friends I’d stay open to love so I’m blaming them for the situation I’m in right now. They were all so excited with the secret admirer letters, even though four a week seemed excessive. The letters are scary yet thrilling.
This man says he wants me. He seems to know things about me. He claims we’re soulmates. In the last letter, he asks me to meet him at a Halloween party and says he’ll be dressed as the devil.
Everywhere I turn, I’m confronted by laughing, happy devils. The last devil I see isn’t laughing or happy. His intense dark eyes follow me. He seems familiar, but I just can’t remember who he is.
I never would have guessed that hiding behind a devil’s disguise was a man I thought I knew. Will our friendship survive his rash decision?
Judas Cartwright:
It’s time to show my best friend that we belong together. My plan is simple. Tease her with a secret admirer, reel her in with the notes and the promise to meet her at a party before I reveal myself.
Somehow I manage to mess it up and kidnap her instead. Such a simple plan that goes crazily awry thanks to my own jealousy. Will Brandy forgive me or will the love that I’ve been hiding for years be lost in a whirlwind of stupid mistakes?



Tamrin Banks is the pen name for an author who writes short, sexy stories that are full of growly alpha men and their sometimes-snarky sweethearts. This curvy author lives in northeast Ohio with her husband and soulmate and has three children. She loves Reese’s peanut butter cups, tacos of all kinds and too many crafts to mention.


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