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Grab your copy of Year of the Rabbit (Book 1 in the Shifters of the Chinese Zodiac series) by Anni Lee today! 

Read now on Kindle Unlimited: https://books2read.com/u/bOnzO0


The Wong family’s magical bakery has helped the Shifters, Vampires, Witches, and other magical creatures around Graves Academy for hundreds of years with their sweet, enchanted confections that can fix any problem.

Leveret Wong, a half Warlock, half Beta Shifter born in the Year of the Rabbit is set to take over the bakery with his gifts for spell casting and whipping the perfect raspberry buttercream. But before he can do that, his parents expect him to get his degree and find a mate, so naturally they enroll him (without asking) into the dark, enchanted, and mysterious Graves Academy. It doesn’t take long before the magic baker’s peaceful life of charmed Energy Macaroons and Murder Cupcakes is thrown into chaos by his devious Snake Shifter Professor, Jun Shen, and the new hire at the bakery, Dog Shifter Eliot Rand.

Eliot Rand came to Graves for one reason: to find his fated mate, the Rabbit shifter of the Zodiac. All he wants is to reject him once and for all and free himself of this unwanted destiny. When he manages to get a part time job working besides Levy, however, he starts to realize there may be more to the draw of fated mates than he realized–especially when that mate is as cute, passionate, nerdy, and awkward as his bunny shifter coworker. But as much as he wants to leave his past behind, protecting his cute mate from those who would harm him may have him dredging up a feral side he wasn’t ready to share.

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