Title: Hot Shot: A Mountain Man Romance 

Series: Hot & Bothered in Emerald Ridge

Author: Kelsey Kain

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Pregnant, alone and a college dropout. Could my life suck any worse than it already does? Sure can. Because I now have to move back home and in with my mother. The woman who doesn’t even want me to call her mom. It cramps her husband-hunting. My bad luck continues when I go to sleep and wake to a fire. Bracing for the worst, I’m shocked when a firefighter busts inside to save me. I don’t even know what he looks like through all the gear. But I know that I like his touch. He makes me feel safe. And lights a fire inside my body that may burn this town down.
I’m shocked when he starts showing up at the hospital and then tells me that he loves me. He fell in love at first sight. No freaking way! He’s huge and hot. And I’m a pregnant, pale, overly-curvy woman. That only happens in books right?
It gets even weirder when, of course my mother tries to stake her claiim on him. Even when he makes it plain he’s not interested. And when he takes me home with home? Hell hath no fury like a mom looking for husband number three.
I’ve put myself in plenty of dangerous situations and never been as thrown as I was when I pulled Annabelle from that fire. One touch and I couldn’t forget her. One sigh from her pretty lips and I was a goner. I need her to be mine.
And then there’s Annabeth. Dangerous, unpredictable and the most annoying woman I’ve ever met. Did I think she’d ever try to start trouble for her own daughter to get rid of the competition? NO! But Annabeth is even worse than I think. Than anyone thinks.
But there’s no one as dangerous as me when she screws with the love of my life and the child that I’ll claim as my own. She’s crossed the wrong freaking man. I take care of mine.

Mother Nature is playing matchmaker with the residents of Emerald Ridge again, but this time she’s bringing the heat. A record-breaking heatwave is making everyone desperate to find some way to cool off. Some opt for a cold shower. Some for skinny dipping in the nearest stream or creek. Some purchase every bag of ice they can find for… a nice cool drink. However, they cool off, one thing is sure, the high temperature has everyone feeling Hot & Bothered.



Kelsey Kain is the steamy love child of Tamrin Banks, S.B. Cousins, Euryia Larsen, and other authors you adore. Writing short, high heat romance books that always end in a happily ever after, we know that you’ll fall in love with our men.


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