Title: Kiss & Tell: An Amaryllis Media Anthology

Authors:  Mandy MelansonA.D. BrazeauTara  September, Michele MannonRachel A. Smith, 

Amanda ShelleyC.L. Collier, C.A. King, Danielle Jacks, Zoey DrakeSofia Aves, Jo Seysener,

Karen Stivali, Lorelei Reese, Kari ShueyKay Blake Kaye Kennedy, Leanne DavisLynn Stevens,

Maci Dillon JamesonKira Cunningham Sienna Grant, T.B. Mann, Jennifer Sucevic 

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What happens when the brainy student is teamed up with the class rebel who has a huge chip on his shoulder? It’s not rocket science. It’s just chemistry.

This limited edition collection takes readers on a whirlwind through new adult college romances where the good girl is stuck with the bad boy and she’s not happy about it, until their chemistry together makes her question everything she thought she knew about him.

The Kiss and Tell authors are donating 100% of their NET proceeds to support #stjudeschildrensresearchhospital in their mission to end childhood cancer.

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The Stadium Tour – Melanson, Mandy
Love & Letters – Brazeau, A.D.
Blinded Me With Science – September, Tara
Bully Crush – Mannon, Michele
Right Now – Smith, Rachel A.
Zander – Shelley, Amanda
More Than Words – Collier, C.L.
The Science Club – King, C.A.
I Dare You – Jacks, Danielle
Reckless Legend – Drake, Zoey
Study Games – Aves, Sofia
Study Games – Seysener, Jo
Unsolicited – Stivali, Karen
It’s Not Chemistry – Reese, Lorelei
What I Love About You – Shuey, Kari
In Session – Blake, Kay
Rescuing Griffin – Kennedy, Kaye
Guys my Age – Davis, Leanne
Collision Theory – Stevens, Lynn
Caught Between The Stacks – Dillon, Maci
Hate Games – Jameson, M
Making the Grade – Cunningham, Kira
Revved Up – Grant, Sienna
Ropin’ Her In – Mann, T.B.
Shameless – Sucevic, Jennifer


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