Title: Together We Stand Volume 2
A Charity Anthology for Ukraine
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We are the ones who walk barefoot through hell, making it out the other side with nothing left except sheer will and a whole lot of grit in our pockets.
By losing everything, others hailed us as beacons of hope. Our journeys were by no means glamorous. Each of us left an important part of ourselves behind so that we might start anew.
We are the survivors.
This is our chance to grab happiness by the horns and make it our own.
Join 20+ USA Today, bestselling, award-winning, and up-and-coming authors as they weave tales of horror, loss, persecution, and unfair struggles, leading to new lives, new romances, and most importantly, well-deserved Happily-Ever-After endings. All proceeds from the print and digital sales of this book will be donated to organizations providing relief to the Ukraine.
**May contain MM/FF and/or triggering situations.
C.A. King
JA Lafrance
Rose Bak
A.N. Waugh
AM Cosgrove
Crystal St.Clair
Sky Purington
A.L. Morrow
TL Mayhew
C.L. Collier
A.N. Waugh
Jordan Leger
KL Fast,
Zorha Redwolf Edwards
Emery LeeAnn
Pandora Snow
Crystal St.Clair
M.A. Abraham
Tricia Daniels
Raven Belasco
MK Moore

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