Bewitched by Elise Faber releases on August 30th!

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She had a secret.
One Beth had spent her whole life running from.

But her secret had finally caught up with her, and she didn’t know whether to start running again, to leave the life she’d built in Baltimore, one she was finally happy in, surrounded by the family she’d made (meaning her friends and their significant others, and definitely not her messed-up bio family), or to stay.

To fight.

Or maybe, better yet, to run straight into Raph’s arms.

The hockey player for the Breakers was big and strong and had a wonderful family (bio and otherwise). Not to mention, his smile lit up the room and his body was…chef’s kiss.

Bonus? He wanted her and made that clear, but…he didn’t know about the secret.

And she knew, she knew that if he found out…

He’d run.
Even faster than she had.

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