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In the Aftermath by Meadow Jones is coming September 8th! 

Add to your #TBR now: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/61360906-in-the-aftermath


On the surface, it seems like I have it all—a successful career as a professional baseball player, a loyal sister, great friends, and an oasis to call home. But beneath the façade, is a deep, intense pain brought on by tragedy and trauma from my past. One ill-fated day, years ago, changed the entire landscape of my life. An act of extreme violence took our parents from us, leaving my sister and I orphaned. From that day forward, I vowed never to allow myself to become close to another. After all, love can only end in pain, right? 


If life has taught me anything, it has been: don’t ever fall in love with your best friend. I learned that lesson the hard way and was left lost and brokenhearted. Now, just a few months later, after picking up the pieces and moving on with my life, I find myself, once again, falling for a man who calls himself my friend. Life has been cruel to Tristan, and I want to take away all his burdens. He’s imprinted himself onto my heart and I just can’t seem to let him go. Can I get him to open up to me so we can find happiness together, or will I end up brokenhearted once more?

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