Title: Bred By The Bad Boy

Series: Baby Breeder 

Author: Imani Jay 

Genre:  Interracial Romance 

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When a retired basketball superstar sets his heart on an every day girl.

Malik Ford was the bad boy of basketball. A player on and off the field. Rich, ridiculously handsome, and exceptionally talented. Passing through women without a care.
Now, he’s ready to start a family… and he wants ME to mother his child!

I was just another fan with his posters on my wall and my head filled with fantasies about my celebrity crush. I never thought I’d meet him. Never imagined he’d notice me. Want me. Claim me… but can I trust his bad boy days are over?
Now, I’m pregnant and worried it was all a fluke.

This is a short, steamy, instalove, instalust, celebrity, sports romance with no cheating, no cliffhanger & a guaranteed HEA!

WARNING: if you’re familiar with my books and my world you know I write steamty. This book is scorching hot, filthy. Malik is a dirty-talking, dirty-minded alpha. He’s big EVERYWHERE, knows what he wants and always gets it. Extra panties recommended. You’ve been warned!

This August, sixteen of your favorite romance authors are joining forces to bring you stories all about making babies. Whether it’s a primal, biological need or something else driving these men to breed the women they love, what is guaranteed is these stories are going to be hot and messy. Every happily ever after doesn’t have to have babies, but these men want nothing less than their women round and glowing.


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Imani is a lover of romance novels! She’s been devouring them since she was a young girl (long before she was supposed to venture into steamy stories.) Imani is all about the feels, the sexy times, and most of all the characters! She loves a broody hero, a soft dude, a sassy woman or a shy wallflower…

Her entire life, Imani would daydream of swoony encounters. One day she decided to start writing the stories she always wanted to read; stories with heroines who look more like her, and hunks from all over the world.

What to expect from Imani’s stories?
Steamy insta-love romances with a diverse cast of curvy girls and their hunky alphas.

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