Unintended The Murder & Alexa Duet by Author Glenna Maynard is 3.99 for a limited time!!!
This is Tempting The Biker & Keeping The Biker in one set.

Check retailers. The sale price will last for the next 2 weeks so you have time to grab it at a discount.

Amazon https://amzn.to/3o58veB
Universal books2read.com/u/medvR

Unintended is a special set containing Tempting The Biker and Keeping The Biker

Please note for best enjoyment Lady & The Biker should be read before reading this duet.

Tempting The Biker

He’s married and twice my age, but I can’t walk away.


We were never supposed to happen. Alexa’s my daughter’s best friend. I’m a married man. I’m too old for her, but stolen glances turn into more than either of us are prepared for. I’ve made promises I can’t keep. I’m the Prez of Royal Bastards MC. I’m not supposed to be tempted by her innocence. My head swears that I don’t love her, but my heart won’t let go.


Murder’s married. Off Limits. But I want him. He’s a powerful man. Untouchable and unbreakable. I’ll be his dirty little secret. No one has to know. We’re playing a dangerous game. A deadly one that will leave me with a broken heart or worse, but I’ll do anything to prove to him that what we share is a ride or die love. And for Murder, I’m willing to risk it all.

Keeping The Biker

Save the date. You’re invited to attend the wedding of Alexa and Murder, Royal Bastards MC style.

They said we’d never last. He was a married man. Off limits.

Now after all these years Murder is mine till death do us part. I’ll do anything to keep my motorcycle man. For him I risked it all and now comes the reward. His ink branded on my skin and his ring on my finger. Today is the first day of our forever.

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