By Linny Lawless
Cover Design: Linny Lawless


PUSH – Capitol Corruption Series #1
Everyone knows what they need to about me. I’m a dangerous man with a dark and twisted soul. A killer. I’m in the business of power, and money flows through every corrupted vein in my body. They call me Push. I run the wicked streets of Washington D.C. I have everything I could possibly want, except one thing – Nadia. She’s like a delicious drug running through my sinister veins. But I’ve held myself back, keeping my need for her hidden. I’ve seen the fear that flashes in Nadia’s eyes when she looks at me, but she can’t hide the lust that accompanies it. Now her life is in danger and she’s come to me for protection. I think we both know I’ll keep her alive, but she’ll not be safe. Not from me.

COBALT – Capitol Corruption Series #2
Nolan Reynolds likes women the way he likes money – as much as he wants, anytime, anywhere. He works hard and plays harder, running the sleazy and corrupt business that comes in and out of the MGM National Harbor Casino, in the heart of Washington, DC. There are only a few men Nolan trusts, one of them being Dane Neri—boss of the corrupt empire in Atlantic City. After Dane’s sister gets into trouble, Dane entrusts Nolan to watch over her. Gina is stunningly beautiful and drives all his senses into a deranged frenzy. Nolan even marries the feisty little brat to keep up the fake-ass charade, until Gina is almost taken from him. Now his feelings are anything but fake, and he’ll set the city on fire to keep her safe.

DANE – Capitol Corruption Series #3
Dane Neri is the King of Atlantic City and no hooker, gambler, or business spends a dollar outside of his corrupt network. Dane’s enemies are many, but he destroys them, using their blood and wealth to expand his ever-growing empire. Dane could never get Aurora Owens out of his mind after they’d spent one amazingly erotic night together five years ago. Today, Aurora is the notoriously rich and feisty Maryland Madam, running her own corrupt enterprise of satisfying the sexual appetites of rich men and shady politicians. But now she’s become Dane’s enemy and his next target to destroy.

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