Title: Going Solo: A Later In Life Romance

Series: Sinfonia : Crimzon Steel Book 1

Author: Talia James

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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He wants to avoid people at all costs.

She plans to flood his tropical oasis with Tinsel Town’s elite.

Riddled with guilt over the death of his best friend’s fiancé, Mac Mackenzie abandoned his band and legions of fans. Leaving the rock star life behind, he sought solitude under the swaying palms of his private pacific island. But fate was blowing in a storm cloud that would change everything.

If Emily Bell can perfectly stage the wedding of the decade for Hollywood royalty, she will get the notoriety as a wedding planner to truly make her business a success. Unfortunately, hurricane damage trashed the island paradise and closed the venue. Her only hope of saving the event, and her reputation, is to convince a washed-up musician to let her hold the wedding on his island.

He wants to avoid people at all costs. She plans to flood his tropical oasis with Tinsel Town’s elite.

Will the attraction they have toward one another inspire Mac to help Emily out of her bind? Or will fear of hurting another person prompt him to turn his back on his growing feelings for her?

Let yourselves be swept away with Talia James’ new later in life romance series, Sinfonia, where the settings are hot and the men are smoking.




A little bit about me . . .

My name is Talia James and I like to write about strong, feisty, real woman who aren’t afraid to kick life’s butt every now and then. There’s always kissing and sometimes things may get a little steamy, but just like life, everyone’s story is different.

I was born and raised in Welsh Wales, where the rain is as endless as the golden sandy beaches. However, sixteen years ago, my husband and I upped sticks with our three-year-old and nine-month-old, for a life of adventure in the sunny climes of the Mediterranean.

Some said we were mad, others said we were brave, the jury’s still out about who was right.

Basically I’m just a normal mum (although my kids would disagree with this), making it up as I go along; trying to get through each day without any extra grey hairs or deepening my already furrowed brows. Which is no mean feat when sharing your home (or Madhouse as we affectionately refer to it), with two teenagers, a ragtag collection of stray, abandoned and dysfunctional animals and an assortment of creepy crawlies.

Life is never dull.

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