The Trouble with Serpents: Book three in the Serpent Series by @tonigrantauthor

Ruthless as she is beautiful, when her own team falls down, Giuliett turns to the Australian Ares Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang leader, Robbie L for support and the two outsiders form an alliance.

Book three in the Serpent Series explores the influences of fate and loyalty as it picks apart the impacts of relationships stretched by grief, greed and honour. Underneath, the tale explores the shambolic Italian political landscape as well as the escalating tensions and arrangements between the southern Italian and Nigerian mafia clans. The Trouble with Serpents is set predominantly in Italy, as well as outback NSW, Fiji, Afghanistan, Russia and Poland.

Hiding in plain sight behind the hype of Carnevale in Venice, five mafia families meet to elect a new leader of their combined clans, the Capo di Tutti Capi. Nicholas Delarno has the right to lead, but until recently, everyone thought he was dead.

The Commission members are curious and nervous. In a show of leadership Nicholas claims the coveted role, bringing with him a return to the old ways, values and traditions that have stood the families well for decades. Something most of the clan members are keen to embrace after the chaotic leadership of former boss Don Carlo Seta. And they are willing to sacrifice their misgivings over the new Capo’s missing years to satisfy their self serving needs for secrecy, stability and economic power.

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