Title: My Escape 

Series: Criminal Desires

Author: Sammi Starlight 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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When you’re young, you think you know everything. It turned out I knew nothing.

I didn’t know one night could change the rest of my life forever.

I didn’t think I would ever lose her.

Was I ever wrong.

I’ve grown up since then and I want her back. I’m going to find her and make her mine, no matter what the cost.


He had been my world, until he shattered it one fateful night.

I had to get away, but he still haunted my dreams. Nothing could erase him from my memory, not even another man.

Now he’s back and messing up my life again.

Will I have the strength to turn him away?

Villains do bad things, like lie, and cheat, and steal. But every bad guy has a backstory and every Bonnie needs her Clyde. This May, celebrate the villain.

Eleven sinful couples will burn down the city. When the dust settles, where will you be? Criminal Desires, a steamy romance collaboration that’ll melt your eReader.

Happily ever after, guaranteed!




Sammi lives in the Midwest with her own book boyfriend and two daughters. When she’s not reading or concocting steamy stories, she loves hiking, camping, and watching her girls play basketball.


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