Recipe for love: 1 cowboy, 1 super sexy best friend, and 1 steaming pile of horse pucky… I know, shocked the hell out of me too.USA Today bestselling author S. Cinders brings you a super steamy, friends to lovers romance about a curvy girl who has given up on love, and her cowboy best friend who finally sees her for the first time.


There are three things you need to know about me.

1. I am a plus size woman.

2. I’ve been in love with my best friend for too many years to count.

3. And I’ve sworn off men—okay, maybe not sex, but I’m definitely giving up on love.

If only my best friend, Colby (lickable washboard abs) Westland, hadn’t just caught me in my birthday suit. He’s giving me all the signals I’ve been waiting for since–FOREVER.

Surely one roll in the hay won’t change things?

One truly incredible roll that consequently has ruined all other rolls in the hay for me, past or present. 


Now I’ve had a taste of her. I’m never letting her go. Curvy Lia Meeks is one luscious handful of a woman, and now I have touched the forbidden fruit. I plan on keeping my hands full of her—permanently.

One moment of passion is not nearly enough. Lia is one addiction I will never shake. I crave every curvaceous inch of her. Even if she refuses to see me, she won’t get away that easily. Looks like I am crashing ladies’ night at the diner. With Franks and Grace’s help, I’ll get Lia to take a chance on me–on us.

Looks like I’m crashing ladies’ night at the diner. Buckle up, friends, this diner and its patrons are about to heat up!

If you enjoy instalove, hotter than sin stories with curvy girls and possessive guys. You will love S. Cinders additions to The Daily Specials Series.

Here you’ll find Frank and Rose, the diner proprietors, featured in every story. Each book is a standalone, although S. Cinders has interconnecting characters throughout each of her stories.

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