USA Today Bestselling Author S. Cinders invites you to jet over to Pine Grove Galleria, where the scrunchies are abundant, and love is in the air. Grab your mixed tapes and hop into the DeLorean. We aren’t coming back until we’ve reached a steamy happily ever after.


It’s been nearly eight years since that terrible night.

Eight years since I scribbled Eliza Riviera on my notebooks.

Eight years since Sloan gave up his football scholarship to care for his thirteen-year-old twin brothers.

It’s been eight years since I packed up and left for college by myself, leaving my dreams of a future with Sloan behind.

Eight years is a helluva long time to pine over what was never meant to be.


Eight years ago, my parents were killed in a car accident the day after my graduation.

Eight years ago, I became a parent to my thirteen-year-old brothers when I was barely an adult myself.

Eight years ago, I gave up the one person who meant the world to me. Eight years ago, I didn’t have a choice. 

But whether she realizes it, or if she needs convincing.. Eliza was meant to be mine.

I’m Never Gonna Give Her Up.

✩Pull out your acid wash jeans and grab your walk-man, the 80’s are back, and we are chillin’ at the home of Pine Grove Galleria.

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