இ ☠️ Kissin Irish ☠️ இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

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Author & Cover design: Morgan Jane Mitchell

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Red hair and heritage aren’t the only qualities behind the road name Irish. Some claim Patrick Kelly possesses the sheer luck of the Irish. After all, he’s undefeated in the ring at Royal Road. More than that, he’s about to get everything he ever wanted. Unfortunately, when he plans to meet up with his ex-lover at the Nashville, Tennessee chapter of the Royal Bastards MC’s annual St. Patrick’s Day bash, Irish’s luck runs out. Trading fate for folly, he discovers the lips he seized in the dark belong to another. Even looking at his Vice President’s sister, CeCe is deadly, let alone what he did to her. She’s strictly off limits with good reason.

But Irish can’t quit thinking of her.

What was Cecilia Green doing all alone in the dark anyway? Working at the clubhouse, she’s always in the shadows. She had no idea it was dark. She’s blind. Being ambushed into a smoldering kiss and then some ignites her interest in the man behind it. But she’s blind, not dumb and seriously not the wilting flower that her brother makes her out to be. Irish’s reputation as a ladies’ man proceeds him. Luck has never been in CeCe’s vocabulary. It will take much more than good fortune for Irish to win her heart.

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