Wounded Souls MC

Queenscliff Chapter

Book 4

At 10, my world was ripped out from beneath my feet. Nothing made sense anymore.

Suddenly, I went from being a happy kid to just downright pissed off. I didn’t need anything except my dad, sisters and the woman I considered my mother, Rainn.

Despite the anger that boiled below the surface, I set out to achieve my goals—being accepted into the AFP and following my father’s footsteps in wearing a Wounded Souls patch. Life was pretty good; I moved up the ranks to VP of the new Souls chapter and left behind the badge I’d worked so hard for previously.

Then Nova happened, and life got a little complicated. And just like that … I wanted something so desperately, I was willing to put my heart and pride on the line.

I wanted my wife to love me.


My life took a turn that sent my world careening in the wrong direction. After losing our parents in separate accidents, years apart. My sisters and I learned to lean on each other. Our father had checked out years before he was killed, so lost in his grief from losing his wife. Chevy, Shelby and I ploughed through life with only each other to depend on—well, we had James too. My father’s former partner, James, offered us stability, support, and a way for me to keep my family together and thrive.

With James’s help, I achieved financial independence and a growing status in the small business world. Finally, life was getting back on track, then I went and did something so incredibly stupid.

I thought it would be a good idea to go and fall in love with my husband.

Now all I had to do was stay alive long enough to find out if he loved me too. Easier said than done when a dangerous, crazy loon put a target on my back.

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