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☘️இ ☠️ Charming Phoenix ☠️இ☘️

Series: Royal Bastards MC 

🔥 Ankeny IA Chapter 🔥

Author: Kristine Allen

Photographer: Brenda Keller — Stillhouse Images

Model: Jonathan J.

Cover Designer: Lucian Bane

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Universal Link – https://books2read.com/PhoenixRBMC

🍀 Blurb 🍀

I’m Keagan “Phoenix” O’Brien—loyal member of the Ankeny RBMC. With the secrets we keep, I fit right in. All I need is my club. Everyone else can bite me.

A bad breakup left my life trashed, literally. It made sense to escape and leave all the BS behind on an out-of-town mission.

I should’ve stayed home.

Not only did I meet the right chick at the wrong time, but she had more secrets than we do. After a couple of psychos tried to kill her mother, they went after her, catching me and my brothers in the crossfire. As the only able man, it became my job to keep her alive.

Now I’m running for my damn life with my new sidekick in tow. I’m not supposed to touch her, but I’m gonna lose that battle. Because she’s hotter than hell and I love playing with fire.

My name is Phoenix, and this is my story.

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