Title: To Tempt A Husband

Series: After I Do #27

Author: Lindsay Evans

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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They married for convenience, but love snuck in somewhere along the way…

Years ago, Jason was almost engaged to Sylvie’s sister. But after things went sideways, he and Sylvie agreed to a marriage of convenience.

For Jason, the marriage satisfied a requirement to inherit his grandmother’s multimillion-dollar company. For Sylvie, it gained an investor and brilliant strategist—Jason—for her floundering business.

Now, five years after their wedding, they both want more.

Sylvie has a choice to make. Give in to the insistent overtures of another man who wants to partner with her in business as well as pleasure, or confess her growing feelings for her husband and risk losing everything they’ve built together.

Jason lusts after his own wife. But their relationship isn’t based on the need coursing through his veins, or the desire to be a real family. When he comes up with a scheme to finally get her into his bed, will it blow up in his face and destroy the good things already between them?

To Tempt a Husband is a steamy, marriage of convenience, older woman/younger man, friends-to-lovers novella featuring characters who also appear in the Royals of Tarbemi series.



Born in Jamaica, Lindsay Evans currently lives in Atlanta, GA. She loves good food and romance and would happily travel to the ends of the earth for both. She writes sensual novels and short stories for the romantic in all of us.

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