Only One Love by #NatashaMadison is available now!

What to expect:
🏒 Strong independent woman who has zero F’s to give!
🏒 Bad Boy with a bad reputation.
🏒 so much spice you might need a fan!

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I was the bad boy on and off the ice.
I loved it — owned it.
Hockey. Women. Money.
Until she came into the picture.
Now, all I want to do is be better.
I want to prove to myself I don’t have to be the guy everyone thinks I am.
She knocked down the walls I spent my whole life building.

My last name opened the doors, but proving I was worth the title of TV producer took all of my time.
He walked in with a chip on his shoulder.
I was happy to point out all his flaws.
Falling for him was inevitable.
When scandal hits, no one expected me to stand by his side.
Not even him.
But I’ve learned that you get only one love.

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