Title: Dating The Detective 

Series: Matchmakers Inc #11

Author: Mazzy King 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 


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As a burglary detective in Ridge City, I barely have time for a personal life. When my buddy drags me along to a speed-dating event, I’m just there for moral support.
Until I sit down face-to-face with a gorgeous brunette.
She’s got a fire I can’t help but be drawn to, and after five minutes with her, I know I need more.
Brilliant, beautiful…and hiding something.
It doesn’t take long for my cop instincts to take over and realize she’s not telling me the whole story…but lying to a detective is an exercise in futility, and I’m determined to get to the truth, even if it means breaking my own heart.

My best friend asks me to go speed dating with her, and I reluctantly agree after she promises to buy me a drink.
I have no intention of actually taking this seriously, until a sexy, Superman lookalike sits down across from me.
Because I trust no one, thanks to my shady past, I give him a fake name.
Unfortunately, after the five minutes are over, he asks to see me again, and those blue eyes of his are so mesmerizing, I can’t say no.
It’s not until later that I find out he’s a detective…and I’ve got a record.
But I can’t keep living a lie and pretending to be someone I’m not.
I’ve got to tell him the truth before he finds out…even if it means our chance at love disappears.
This Valentine’s Day, our heroes and heroines are skipping the dating apps and attending one of MatchMakers Inc.’s famous speed dating events. Is five minutes enough time to feel a spark of chemistry? Can love truly be in the air?

Go on a speed date with us and find out!

This February, thirteen of your favorite romance authors celebrate steamy instalove in this Valentine’s Day series!




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Mazzy King writes short, steamy, sometimes edgy or suspenseful romances you can read in an hour or two. She loves a bad boy with a heart of gold, and if you do too, you won’t want to miss any of her stories. 




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