Title: Keeping What’s Mine 

Series: After I Do #11

Author: Carly Keene

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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I return to my hometown for the funeral of my great-aunt Zee, who brought me up.
I’ve missed Dogwood Falls during the six years that I’ve been living in Silicon Valley, working for a big tech company.
I’ve missed my husband, too.
But since he refused to move with me for my career, I left him behind.
Now I’m back, and he’s as gorgeous—and as infuriating—as ever.
When the will is read, there’s a twist: I can’t inherit Aunt Zee’s estate unless I meet her conditions.
One, the renovations to the Victorian house must be completed.
Two, I have to live in the house until it’s fully restored.
Three, the contractor renovating the house must also live in the house until it’s restored.
…and I’ll give you three guesses as to who Aunt Zee hired as her contractor.

When my client, and temporary landlady, dies in the middle of a house renovation, I figure that’s the end of the job.
Her will says otherwise.
The will says if I don’t continue to live in the house, I won’t get paid.
And my client’s only living relative…is my wife.
Flora’s the love of my life.
I still can’t believe that I was stupid enough to try to insist that she stay here in this small town, instead of following her and letting her have her own dreams.
I’ve regretted it ever since.
Flora won’t listen to my apologies.
Maybe now I’ve got the chance to start over with her…

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Carly writes short romance stories as steamy and sweet as a triple-vanilla latte, served extra hot.
She lives in Virginia with her husband and a bat-crap crazy dog.




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