Title: Fit For Love 

Series: Flirty Fitness Series 

Author: Imani Jay

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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A curvy girl and a quarterback walk into a gym…


New year, new me and all that jazz. Yup, I’m back at it: got a brand new gym membership. An expensive one, in an exclusive establishment owned by a retired NFL superstar. I know nothing about football, so I couldn’t tell you if the man was any good at it. All I know is they better help me get back in shape for the price I’m paying! But when I spot a hunk lifting weighs in all his sweaty, barely clothed glory? I think I might just keep coming for the pleasure of ogling the man’s glistening muscles. Then he approaches me…

Retired at thirty-five. That’s not how I envisioned my future, growing up dreaming of a professional athlete’s career. I’ve had amazing years under the limelight, made a lot of money, tapped so much tail I couldn’t keep count of it. And now, I’m back in my hometown. Close to my family, managing my national chain of gyms from here. The business gives me drive. My folks and friends bring me purpose. But there’s something missing. Something I can’t put my finger on. When I catch the gorgeous, curvy woman checking me out in the middle of my reps, I think I might just have found my next adventure…

This is a short, steamy, diverse romance with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA!

This January, hit the gym with Flirt Club! At Flirty Fitness we target your heart, not just your glutes! Ten stories featuring our ladies and gentlemen pumping iron, building muscle, and making a love connection are coming your way. With lots of heat and plenty of sweet, the Flirty Fitness Series will make you break a sweat.


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Imani is a lover of romance novels! She’s been devouring them since she was a young girl (long before she was supposed to venture into steamy stories.) Imani is all about the feels, the sexy times, and most of all the characters! She loves a broody hero, a soft dude, a sassy woman or a shy wallflower…

Her entire life, Imani would daydream of swoony encounters. One day she decided to start writing the stories she always wanted to read; stories with heroines who look more like her, and hunks from all over the world.

What to expect from Imani’s stories?
Steamy insta-love romances with a diverse cast of curvy girls and their hunky alphas.

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