HEXING MERLIN by Rosemary A Johns

Could you handle your swoonworthy book boyfriend coming to life?

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Merlin is mercilessly beautiful with strong shoulders, opulent curls, and enchanting, emerald eyes. He could curse me, and I’d die happy in his powerful arms. 

Although, not before I’d hexed him.

“Witches are always so possessive.” Merlin’s gaze swings to mine. 

Does he expect me to prove my possessiveness with a passionate kiss that leaves his plush lips deliciously swollen and tasting of my magic?

When Merlin twists to me, I’m caught off guard. We’re face-to-face; his hot breath gusts across my lips. My heart’s beating so hard, I’m sure that he can hear it. My chest aches. 

I wanted to bring Merlin here to prove that a witch couldn’t love a mage and to break the curse. Why do I want to see him crack? Watch something but indifference in those cool eyes?

When I’m surrounded by his masculine scent, I struggle for breath, and something like triumph sparks in his eyes, before he hides it.

“I pledge you my service, magic, and love.” He leans closer, and I shiver. 

Wait, is he going to kiss me…?

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Hexing Merlin is a new release in a romantic, enemies-to-lovers new series. Join the members of the Oxford Paranormal Book Club for this steamy laugh-out-loud standalone rom-com. Get your copy today to take home your own Merlin!

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I’m Cora, a witch who escaped my enemies, the mages, to start a new life as a medium. I swore off both men and book boyfriends, especially Merlin.

Except, my best friend and vampire librarian persuades me to help her run her book club for werewolves, dragons, and fae in the magical English village of Witch Hollow. When the library Grimoire casts a curse, we can only find our true love from within our Book of the Month.

I don’t believe in true love. So, I choose my book as a joke. But then, Merlin: The Legend jumps open and…

…I’m staring into the flashing gaze of Merlin brought to life.

He’s a Shifter Mage, my enemy, with an unfairly tight ass that’s begging to be hexed. But he’s also powerful, scorching-hot, and determined that he is my true love.

I only have one week to decide. Do I allow Merlin into my heart and cast a spell to save him or let him be dragged back into the covers of Merlin: The Legend at the next book club?

Book boyfriends have never felt so real.

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