Title: First Blush

Series: After I Do #2

Author: Reina Torres

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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This coming February, you’re officially invited to attend a month-long celebration of love! Twenty-eight of your favorite short, steamy romance authors have teamed up to bring you stories that will make you swoon, laugh and set your e-readers on fire! Whether they’ve stumbled into love, fallen for their worst enemy, corralled their bestie or are fighting to rekindle a lost love… Tag along and find out what happens “After I Do”!

First Blush
Set in the Halcyon days when American Troops have returned from Europe at the end of WWII, Santo Marini marries his blushing bride. Vera Donato came to America to escape the devastation spreading through Italy and then waited several years for him to return home to New York. Surrounded by his family, they celebrate the joining of their lives in matrimony. Everything is a whirl of color and joy until they find themselves alone.
Santo wants to be a generous lover to his innocent bride, but the long wait and the years apart make him wonder if he’ll be able to school his emotions and the aching need for his beautiful wife. Vera worries that her inexperience will turn him away. She has had ample time to realize that her lack of knowledge compared to American-born women. who have more confidence and liberty. may disappoint her husband.
It doesn’t take long for Santo and Vera to realize that all they need to offer each other is their love and passion. Together, they discover that the barriers between them can’t hold a candle to the bright light of their future, After “I Do.”


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 Who would have thought that I’d start off as a painfully shy child writing stories and end up as a painfully shy adult writing books and publishing them for others to read? Crazy? That’s me!!

When I was a little girl, I read every book I could get my hands on and if I didn’t have one available to read, I’d get out my pencils and paper and write down stories and scenes. Waiting for my mom to finish working, I’d duck into the ladies’ breakroom and use the typewriter. I’d feel like Jessica Fletcher, happily tap, tap, tapping away until I got to ‘The End.’ Couldn’t quite get the flourish after that and end up tearing the paper, but it was cool and scary to sit down and read the book or give it to my friends to read.

Now my ‘typewriter’ doesn’t clack the same way and the I don’t even have paper to pull out of it with a nod of satisfaction, but I have the joy and excitement of sharing my characters and books with people all around the world!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my books, because I’m going to keep writing as long as the characters are feeling chatty!


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