High for the Haunted by Jaycee Wolfe 🏍

The Rejected Series Book 4

Live Now – https://smarturl.it/highhaunted


I hate this town, I hate my life, I hate my dad. I hate every hand I’ve been dealt in this life—except one. Landon. My protector and the love of my life. The only problem is, he doesn’t know how I feel about him. He doesn’t know I would do anything for him, including hiding my feelings so he can find happiness, away from this life, this town, and from me.


I’ve done everything in this life to protect the girl I love, including threatening her dad and taking the beatings meant for her, and I’ll keep doing it for the rest of my life. I would do anything for her if she would just let me. But I fell in love with the strongest, most hard-headed woman in the world. Trying to convince her of my feelings is going to take an act from God. So is trying to get her to leave this town behind and risk everything… for me.

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