இ☠️ Sex and Candy ☠️இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥Detroit, MI Chapter 🔥

Author: Shannon Youngblood

Cover Designer: All By Design

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I’m not the biggest nor the strongest, but I’ve got a lot to prove. I’m TBone, the newest patched member of the Royal Bastards MC, Detroit Chapter. Some people whisper that I’m only here because of my sister Cameron, but those assholes don’t know a God Damn thing.

I’ve been ordered to find the bitch, Tiffy, who kidnapped our Prez’s old lady, and bring her back to the club to dispense our kind of justice. She’s sneaky, but I’m a fucking tracker and the rage inside of me won’t rest until she’s been torn apart for her crimes against us.

My anger is the only thing I have, but lately, when I see Candy, my rage morphs into something feral. She’s fierce, and although the fire inside of her has been doused, I know I can reignite her embers into a roaring flame if I can just get her into my bed.

With two dueling emotions running rampant inside of me, I now have to prove my worth to my brothers and to Candy. Luckily for me, lust and rage are a deadly combination.

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