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Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Tonopah, NV Chapter 🔥

Author: Nikki Landis

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☃️ Blurb:

From shadow, I was born, and from shadow, I will rise …

They took my angel from me and stole her without mercy. It’s been five months since I lost her, and the ache still won’t go away.

She’s gone, and I have to live every single day knowing she died and I couldn’t save her. I was too late. Much too naïve to go up against ruthless men who sell others for selfish gain.

Stefanie was my first love. The girl that understood my darkness and balanced it with her light. Her ghost is everywhere I look. Her last breath carved into my heart, leaving nothing but a jagged scar.

But it’s not over. Her pain, her misery, her last cry on this earth have become my strength and motivation.

I can’t let it end like this. I won’t allow the men who harmed her to breathe when she can’t. I’ll find them.

Every. Last. One.

Vengeance? Justice? That’s only the beginning.

Merry bloody Christmas.

This holiday season I’m the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future … and none will escape my Reaper or his wrath.

* For best enjoyment it is highly recommended that Hell’s Fury and Devil’s Ride are read before The Biker’s Wish.

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