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Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Huntsville, AL Chapter 🔥

Author: KL Ramsey

Cover Design by Lucian W Bane

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Hawk was supposed to be dead and if that was what everyone from his old team believed, that was fine by him. It was safer for all of them if they didn’t find out that he was alive, but he couldn’t stay away from her, especially at this time of year. Maybe it was the freshly falling snow or the way she looked through her front window while decorating her Christmas tree that made him want to knock on her front door. But that would be a huge mistake and one that he wouldn’t make no matter how much he missed Patch. Telling her that he was in love with her wasn’t an option because dead men told no tales. Patch was better off without him and telling himself that was the only way he’d find the courage to walk away from her again.

Patched for Christmas is K.L. Ramsey’s fifth book in the Royal Bastards MC.

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