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Master Trentino: Dark Vampire Romance (Masters of the Consulate Book 3) 

By Author Sylvia Black.

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 One hotter than sin vampire who will stop at nothing to protect his mate…
Master Trentino rules his region with strength and honor. He has always obeyed the laws of the Consulate, a committee who fearlessly resides over decisions for vampires across the land.
Until he finds the sister of their mortal enemy lying in a pool of human blood, and damn the consequences, takes matters into his own hands.
Despite her psychic powers and newfound immortality, Angel has been taught to despise and fear the dark fanged dwellers of the underworld. But there is something magnetic about Trentino. It draws her lightness to his deep black soul with an energy that will not let go.
The masters must move quickly to learn who has betrayed them. When they do, will their enemies have already gained too much control and be that much closer to ousting the vampire community from power? And will Angel overcome her own demons and fight by Trentino’s side, warming his bed and dungeon at night, or stand in solidarity with the rogue shifters, syndicate and witches who will do anything to bury them in the ground.







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