Author Leah Sharelle

The Wounded Souls MC

Queenscliff Chapter

Book 3

I grew up knowing the man who fathered me walked away without waiting for the stick to turn pink. I even had to accept that I had a big brother I never knew, which was fine with me. My mum raised me the best way she knew, and it wasn’t her fault life tossed crap at good people.
Battling my way through a career in the Navy when the curveball hit—medical discharge. I ambled aimlessly into life in a 1% MC. For a few years, I enjoyed the lifestyle of booze and a different woman every night. Soon, I was rethinking decisions made when a call from my brother’s former commanding officer changed my direction. Being a member of the Wounded Souls’ new chapter gave me another direction and path in life. A path that led me straight to a blonde mini cyclone, full of sass and secrets.
Thayer became everything. Every thought, every beat of my heart. If only I could get her to do as she was told. She was a hazard to herself and my sanity, but by God, she was going to be mine.

My place in my family was less than an afterthought. My parents hit the jackpot with their firstborn; I was just the unneeded spare child. Ignore me, and with any luck, I might go away.
It took seventeen years, but I finally left the frigid confines of my family nightmare only to
walk straight into another one. Had it not been for my best friend Oaklee insisting I stay with her I would have never laid eyes on the bossiest biker god ever created.
Battle tested me every step of the way. He bossed me, barged into my life, and took care of me without asking me if I wanted him to do so. Ready-made sandwiches waiting for me in the fridge, with demanding texts barking out orders to eat. Vance ‘Battle’ Masters knew only one way to deal with me. Barge in and insist that I was His Reason for being born.
Battle offered me everything I’d ever dreamed. Affection and love.
Was it possible, my parents were wrong, and I wasn’t the unlovable mistake they accused me of being? Could Battle love me when he finds out my shameful secret? Or will he be like everyone else in my life, leaving me wondering what was wrong with me?

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Book 1 His Dream
Book 2 His Eternity

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