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Dagger (Tatter Souls MC Book 1) by Kennedi Darling

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I promised him forever, only one mistake became never.My body was no longer my lover’s temple, but a madman’s canvas.Instead of quivering with pleasure, I shuddered in pain.Now I’m back, a shell of a woman with a shattered mind and a tattered soul.There’s no way Dagger would see me for the woman I was.And the loneliness is going to kill me.


I promised her forever, only one call became never.Dreams of the future were no longer peaceful, but shattered by nightmares.The woman who held the key to my soul was gone, though I never moved on.Now she’s back, though tattered and broken.She’ll never believe she still owns my heart.But I’m determined to avenge her.

Dagger is the first book in the Tattered Souls MC. This story includes a HEA, no cliffhanger, and no cheating.

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