Cracked Open (The Dragon Born Academy Book 1) by T.L. Christianson

Dragons & fated mates

Link: https://books2read.com/crackedopen

Dragons, bonded mates, and irreversible decisions.
After a car accident left my only parent – my father in the hospital, I was swept away to the Dragon Born Academy by my estranged grandmother.
If I had to be there, I’d be an observer of this place with its rituals and superstitions… after all, everyone’s made it clear I don’t belong.
But then it happened… and Ashe Carrick my impossibly irresistible bondmate happened.
Being Cracked Open changed everything… Who I thought I was, WHAT I thought I was…
The words alone bring to mind monsters and princesses in castles.
I am the princess and the monster they locked away. However, my story has no damsels in distress, waiting to be rescued.
It’s self-rescue time, and I’m done playing nice.

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