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Nov 24th thru 26th

Fakesgiving: A Boss/Assistant Fake Relationship Romance by Kat BaxterHot Texas Nights Book 2

Link: https://amzn.to/3nI7YA5


Things I am not thankful for this Thanksgiving:

•my perfect sister’s upcoming engagement to her boyfriend (who just happens to my my EX-boyfriend)•my meddling mom who insists I come home for the holiday (so the family can meet my current boyfriend)•my stubborn pride (which is why my mom thinks my hot boss is said current boyfriend)

Now, I have only one option to avoid my personal Thanksgiving parade of shame: I have to convince my hot boss to be my fake boyfriend. There is not enough pumpkin pie in the world to get me through this holiday.


Kaitlyn is the perfect assistant: crazy smart and very competent, if a bit awkward and geeky. Unfortunately, her particular brand of adorkable, mixed with her banging curvy body has left with me with perpetual hard-on since hiring her a year ago. But I value her contribution to the company too much to risk making a move.

Until I find out her family thinks I’m her “hot boyfriend” and wants us to visit for Thanksgiving. Suddenly, all bets are off. Sure, I can pretend to be her devoted boyfriend. One thing I won’t have to pretend? How much I want her.

Fake kisses and touches in front of the family lead to very real and sexy times in the bedroom. Now I’m not so sure if anything between us has ever been fake.

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